White Gold

I am a big fan of truffles. The chocolate kind, for sure, but today is about the fungi.


Family Style

When I was growing up, I didn't know that our style of serving meals growing up had a name. I know it as family style now but, then, it was just the way Mom and Dad did it. It wasn't necessarily a daily thing, but I know for sure it was served that way every Sunday evening.


Taking on The New York Times

In the past several months, The NY Times has posted quite a few eggplant recipes. Being an avid eggplant fan, I buy some every week from Larry's Veggies at the farmers market, and have now made three of the Times' recipes.


Where East Meets South

I have mentioned John of He Needs Food several times in my posts. Right now, he is in the midst of a world tour, having incredible adventures, collecting recipes, eating amazing foods, photographing colorful street art, and writing it all up for you on his blog. Definitely join John on his travels by checking out He Needs Food! He is a great resource for travel and food!


Fig Thyme

It is definitely fig time.


Herb: Not the Guy Next Door.

I just finished writing a cookbook to benefit the Tucson Botanical Gardens, based on the plant collection in their Herb Garden.


A Summer's Braise

It's a vivid statement about our desert weather when one opens the oven door and can't tell whether it's cooler in there… or outdoors.