Fig Thyme

It is definitely fig time.


Herb: Not the Guy Next Door.

I just finished writing a cookbook to benefit the Tucson Botanical Gardens, based on the plant collection in their Herb Garden.


A Summer's Braise

It's a vivid statement about our desert weather when one opens the oven door and can't tell whether it's cooler in there… or outdoors.


Hostess Gifts

“Never show up empty handed.” It's a rule I grew up with and, for many years, that meant I brought a bottle of wine to every dinner party.


Ask and Ye Shall Receive

One day, many years ago, when I was visiting my Aunt Rae in her small rural village in Vermont, the two of us went to the Saxton's River Inn for lunch.


Pampered Papa

Did you know that "baba ghanouj" translates to "pampered papa?" In Arabic, baba is papa, or father, and ghanouj is pampered. Neither Wikipedia nor Markipedia know a definitive reason as to how it got this moniker, although harems seem to figure prominently in any attempted explanation.


Yellow Diamonds

In the days when I still liked Bon App├ętit, I found this recipe.